Gary Pihl

 Interview by Michael Oshust ~ July 12, 2019

Gary Pihl (pronounced peel) is a multi-instrumentalist that has worked with Sammy Hagar, and Boston. He also played with several other bands including Day Blindness, Crossfire, Stark Raving Mad and Alliance.

What was you most memorable moment? 

Auditioning for Sammy Hagar, then become a member of Boston.

Since the Third Stage album with Boston, what have you been up to? 

Started playing with Robert Berry, Alan Fitzgerald and David Lauser. We began recording and formed the band Alliance. 

It's been said that "Alliance is one of the best melodic hard rock bands you’ve probably never heard of." That is true. The band, or 'supergroup' is made up of three core musicians that have a long history in rock music. From touring with Sammy hagar, Boston to solo projects the band is tight and sounds old school rock. 

Alliance has just released a new album "Fire And Grace" which features Robert Berry (previously Greg Kihn Band and formerly with the Keith Emerson/Carl Palmer band on all vocals, bass, and keyboards), Gary Pihl (previously with Sammy Hagar and Boston on all guitars) and David Lauser (previously with Sammy Hagar on all drums).

All songs on the album were recorded live and produced by Alliance.

One of my proudest moments with the band was arriving at our first gig and instead of addressing us by our individual names or past affiliations, the promoter just said, "Alliance?" ... our answer; "Yes, We Are!" - Gary Pihl


Produced By: Robert Berry

Release Date: May 2019

Released: Worldwide

The album starts with the driving opener 'Don’t Stop The Wheel Turning' and you can feel the music, and want to crank it up. Highlights of the album include the free flowing 'Fire And Grace' and the '80s sounds of 'Good Life.'

Fire And Grace is a great sounding solid rock album with track after track of engaging music. The band shows their strong songwriting skills and have produced an enjoyable album end to end.

Alliance Fire And Grace is available here 

Special thank you to Robert Berry and John Lappen.​

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