Harem Scarem

Canada's Finest Hard Rock Band

 Interview by Michael Oshust ~ March 30, 2019

Canada's finest hard rock band, Harem Scarem were formed in 1987 by guitarist Pete Lesperance and singer Harry Hess. Harem Scarem achieved popularity in Japan and their native Canada in the early 1990s. 

Harem Scarem's debut album had the hits "Slowly Slipping Away", "Honestly" and "Something to Say."

Throughout their career, they released 14 studio albums, plus numerous live and compilation albums.

Who were you inspired by?
Harry Hess: I grew up listening to the radio as a kid but later on starting getting into rock and metal. Some of my biggest influences are: kiss, Queen, Boston, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden.

What is your favourite song to play live?   

Harry Hess: It changes from year to year but the last tour I liked doing “Bite The Bullet” and “No Regrets”

How did the idea of the box set come about?

Harry Hess: I have been working on a few box sets for other artists.

Is there any new material being written?

Harry Hess: yes we are currently working on songs.

Any tour plans in 2019 in support of the box set?

Harry Hess: We will more than likely finish a new record before we do any shows so I would guess early 2020.

On March 22, 2019, Harem Scarem released "The Ultimate Collection Box Set” a 14 CD limited edition deluxe box set. Given the "hard to find" nature of many titles in Harem Scarem's catalog, the band, in cooperation with Frontiers, decided to make their catalog available in a exclusive limited edition box set. The limited edition box was limited to 100 copies and has sold out according to Frontiers website.  

The full set is available digitally.

Special thank you to Harry Hess.


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