Jeff Woods

 Interview by Michael Oshust ~ January 26, 2019

The most talked about Jeff Woods attribute is his voice. It has been heard on radio and television for decades. Aside from being a preeminent voice on rock & roll, he is also an established author and the man who brought us "The Complete Beatles", an in-depth look at the most influential group of all time. He also has had countless one-on-one interviews with Jimmy Page, Ozzy Osbourne, David Bowie, Rush, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Robert Plant, Carlos Santana, Metallica and so many more.


Who was your favorite person to interview?

David Bowie. He was intelligent, funny, so kind and personable. A real pleasure.


What was your most memorable moment / interview?

I was brought in for David Bowie's "'Reality' to Cinemas Worldwide" live show which was beamed via satellite to cinemas globally, culminating in a real time, including an interactive Q&A between Bowie and cinema audiences whom will also be able to make requests for Bowie classics. I was based in New York coordinating the Famous Player Theatres across North & South America.


Your voice is so unique, and your legacy is an inspiration to younger journalists. Any advice for people just starting out?

Follow your heart.

What got you into a career in radio?

My love for music.


Such a memorable career with so many highlights, any regrets?

[Laughs] Not investing in savings [Laughs].

Jeff is currently active with his new show "Records & Rockstars Radio Show" which is available via his website here










Special thank you to Jeff Woods & Marc Belaiche

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Photo Source: Jeff Woods

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