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Several years ago Jodi Essex was at a crossroads, discouraged she felt that she was losing focus, and would have hung up her microphone. Jodi felt like her heart and purpose weren’t always in the right place. As doors have opened and closed, Jodi’s music journey has been marked by moments she’s felt God saying, “It doesn’t matter; trust me and my plan for your life.”. 

”Irreverent is the spirit in which this album was written and put out there for all to hear”, Jodi says. "It’s revelling in a rebel spirit, being fearless, courageous and bold enough to die to yourself every day, furthering the purposes of God."

"When you see your passion project reaching the far corners of our world, you can’t help but feel both humbled and grateful,” Jodi shares. “Like most, I’ve always believed music is the universal love language that unites all people.”


Written and recorded at Uphill Studios in Atlanta, GA alongside studio owner, producer Sean Hill (Jamie Grace, Clay Crosse, Landry Cantrell). "Irreverent" is part of a 10-song record that is both guitar-driven and melodic with lyrics that are forthright, yet introspective.

Track Listing

  1. Stand Up

  2. Soar

  3. Irreverent

  4. What Is Your Truth

  5. Symphony

  6. Fighter

  7. Weightless

  8. All Right

  9. Someone Somewhere

  10. Rearview Mirror


The band, featuring an experienced team of musicians, featuring guitarist and bassist Jadan Sorenson (Angie Stone, Montell Jordan, Crystal Nicole, Sounds of Blackness, Bucky Covington), Pablo Melgar-Keys (touring with FRVR FREE; previously with New Song, Passion, Jesus Culture), Josh Smith on strings, Jon-Paul Keller on background vocals (David and Nicole Binion, BJ Putnam). It was mixed by Sean Hill and mastered by Bob Boyd (Ambient Digital, LLC). ​

“There are NO rules about how worship should look, sound or inspire!” Jodi exclaims. “Not everyone will accept, like, or love you. You have to get beyond that with self-acceptance and focus on purposeful importance. You’ve gotta do what’s in your heart…be you, be your authentic self…the way Christ intended you to be.” 

The album opens with a strong track, "Stand Up" that gets the listener fully engaged with the beat of the drums.  The second track is the ominous feeling "Soar". Standout tracks include "Fighter", "All Right", "Irreverent", the softer "Weightless" and the closer "Rearview Mirror".

Jodi Essex has already seen her music featured on major Spotify playlists like New Music Friday Christian, be the May chart-breaker on XNOIZZ and receive attention from regional and national outlets including CCM Magazine, Hallels, 100% Rock Magazine and The Rockpit.


RELEASE DATE: July 10, 2020


NEW video for Weightless at

Jodi says "One of my favorite songs lyrically, “Weightless” is both an expression of love, devotion and prayer in the form of an intimate, one-on-one conversation with God.  It begins by describing the very real and personal spiritual battle between all the things that can inhibit our hearts and minds from being focused on a Christ-centered life, (“my ghosts return to haunt me, these demons unrelenting”). The conversation turns into a tone of unison that describes a pact of affirmation, reciprocating a love and loyalty between us and God, (“But I won’t let them in, you won’t let them win”). It’s an assuredness that can only be experienced and felt when we allow ourselves the surrender to the Holy Spirit.  It is the redemption we seek and He unfailingly gives."

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Jodi Essex singing "All Right"  by Amy Grant

Jodi Essex covers God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood.

This is a great driven cover of Lee Greenwoods classic!  Jodi has a gift and it shows on this song with her soaring notes. A song that can be played over and over. Thank you Jodi for a great rendition of a classic song!

Streaming Link:

Single Name: “God Bless the USA” 

Single Release Date: August 28, 2020

Music Video Release Date: September 4, 2020 

Jodi Essex website

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