Mark Kendall

Making music for over 30 years

 Interview by Michael Oshust ~ February 28, 2019

Photo Source: Great White PR Neil Zlozower

Mitch Malloy (left) & Mark Kendall (right)

Mark Kendall is best known for being the founding member and lead guitarist of Great White. 


Mark developed a good ear for melody early on having come from a musically talented family, with his mother as a jazz singer, his father playing jazz trumpet, and his grandfather was a classically trained pianist from the age of thirteen.  


Since 1982, the Great White sound has captivated audiences worldwide with crushing blues-based guitar riffs and swagger that invoke an emotional high for anyone that listens. The band’s core writing team of Michael Lardie and Mark Kendall forged numerous hits over the years like “Rock Me,” “Mista Bone,” “Save Your Love,” “House of Broken Love,” and “Lady Red Light.”  


Their third studio album 'Once Bitten' was released in 1987 and became a commercial success. Because of heavy MTV video rotation and radio station airplay. more than one million copies were sold being certified Platinum in April 1988. The songwriting tandem of Mark Kendall and Michael Lardie found the magic again for their fourth studio album '...Twice Shy'. The album was certified Double Platinum in September 1989. The Great White sound has captivated audiences worldwide with crushing blues-based guitar riffs and swagger that invokes an emotional high for anyone that listens.

Today, Great White is touring with their new singer Mitch Malloy and is focused on its newest journey with Malloy. They plan on returning to the studio and touring more.

Photo credited to Neil Zlozower

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Who were your main influences?

Carlos Santana and Billy Gibbons were major influences ...

Influences - Mark Kendall
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What is your primary guitar?

Started with BC Rich, then Buddy Blaze made me a guitar ...

Guitars - Mark Kendall
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How did Mitch Malloy join the band?

Michael Lardie spoke to Mitch Malloy ...

Mitch Malloy - Mark Kendall
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Fans singing songs, humble feeling.
















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Special thank you to Mark Kendall & Melissa Kucirek.

What's on your iPod?

Music on your iPod - Mark Kendall
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On sobriety - Mark Kendall
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On over 10 yrs. of sobriety

Fans are bringing their children ...

Van Halen, Judas Priest, Greta Van Fleet ...

Taking one day at a time ...

Fans & legacy - Mark Kendall
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