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 Interview by Michael Oshust ~ April 19, 2019

Photo Source: CTK Management

Orianthi is a well known Australian musician, singer, and songwriter who has performed with The Hollywood Vampires, Michael Jackson, Carrie Underwood, Alice Cooper, Michael Bolton, Richie Sambora, Dave Stewart, James Durbin and more. She has played at the Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival, and has opened for Kid Rock, Steve Vai, and Daughtry.

Orianthi won Breakthrough Guitarist of the Year in 2010 by Guitar International Magazine.

Orianthi released "Believe" which was her debut album for a major label in October 2009. The single "According to You" was the first single. "Heaven in This Hell" was released in 2013 and was produced by Dave Stewart. 

In 2009 Orianthi rehearsed with Michael Jackson in preparation for the "This Is It"  concert residency scheduled to take place at the O2 Arena, in London, between 2009 and 2010. Unfortunately, "This Is It" never happened as Michael passed away. In 2011 Orianthi was the first female member of Alice Cooper's band and performed two world tours with him.

Orianthi primarily plays Paul Reed Smith (PRS) guitars and ENGL,  
EVH 5150III, Orange, Marshall and Mesa Boogie amplifiers. Recently Orianthi developed the Octaver and NexiPlexi Signature guitar pedals with NEXI Industries.

Orianthi is currently recording new music. 

Who inspired you to play guitar?
Orianthi: My Dad, when I was six, I remember walking in the living room and he was jamming to Hendrix, and I just thought it was so cool ...I wanted to learn from that moment on.

Do you approach composing solos?

Orianthi: I approach them in different ways, whatever the song calls for -sometimes it’s all about going on a Feeling and sometimes s it’s about structuring one like a song within a song.

You have played with many great guitarists, was there a memorable moment for you playing with them?   

Orianthi: The moment I got onstage with Carlos Santana when I was 18 was a dream come true .. I’ll never forget that moment as he has been such a huge influence.

Where is your favorite place to play?

Orianthi: In my studio that looks like you have walked into the 1960s .. it has tapestry on the walls with mushroom tables and salt lamps -it’s a trip, it’s such a hippy vibe I love it, and of course, I love playing onstage!

I love your tone on the @iamnojokeproject, what gear are you using?

Orianthi: Thank you! I’m using my new custom model PRS which you can look up on all the specs at prs.com and Orange rockerverb mark 3!

I heard the snippet you shared of “Shadow Love”, sounds great. Your voice is perfect with the song. You are currently working in Nashville, when can fans anticipate the new Orianthi Album?

Orianthi: Thank you! I’m making a record with great producer marti Fredrikson, and some of my friends are going to be guesting on it too, it’s exciting can’t wait for you all to hear it! I’ve been experimenting with sounds, I’ve also recorded some beat orientated pop-rock tunes ( love bomb) that I’ll prob put out by the end of the year, but I just wanna get in a studio and rock out with a live band right now , I’ve written so many tunes. 

You have worked with so many artists from Michael Jackson, Carrie Underwood to Carlos Santana with so many different musical styles. Is there a preference for performing your material or performing with other artists?

Orianthi: I truly love both, it’s an honor I get to work with the people I have and do ... It’s such a blast playing festivals with my band though! Can’t wait to tour. 

Special thank you to Orianthi, Justis Mustaine & Taylor Bloss.

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