Robert Berry

The Rules Have Changed

Produced by:  





Robert Berry

August 2018

All instruments & Vocals - Robert Berry

Keith Emerson

★★★★★   out of 5

Keith Emerson and Robert Berry began to create new music for a reboot of their previous 3.0 supergroup project that featured Keith Emerson, Carl Palmer, and guitarist-composer Robert Berry, now to be known as 3.2 without Carl Palmer. Emerson jumped on board with some new song collaborations but tragically died in 2016 before the project got wheels.


Thankfully Robert Berry, after a long period of contemplation and grieving continued to work on The Rules Have Changed where Emerson's compositions have come to life. Berry's impeccable talents are at the core of this effort. He mastered all the instruments, vocals and production on the album. The end result is an album that honors Keith Emerson’s life and music.


The compositions are keyboard oriented progressive rock and highlights of the album include the jazzy solo on "Your Mark On The World" and “What You’re Dreamin’ Now” which features plenty of progressive groove. The album opens with "One by One" which has jazz piano sounds mid-way through the track. Another highlight is the father-son anthemic "Powerful Man" which is about father-son relationships.


Listening to the album I heard sounds that reminded me of Jon Lord of Deep Purple, Rick Wakeman of Yes, and Geoff Downes of Asia.


Overall this is a solid album that deserves to be heard by every fan of progressive rock.

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